Japanese believe in the theory of minimalism, unless you do the same, moving can be a tedious and daunting task. However, you can easily avoid this enormous procedure and make it manageable by following some relocation tips that may help you reduce your moving day chaos.

Start Early.

Except if you have to pack up and move to another spot in a rush, it is prudent to not to leave anything for the last minute. It takes around 30 days to 60 days to design an appropriate plan that guarantees a seamless move.  You can make a list of tasks and schedule everything on week to week basis.

Figure Out a Strategy.

You need to be certain of how would you move from your location to the destination on the moving day.  For moves within the city and neighbouring cities you may take the help of your friends or may be rent a truck for the move. But if you are moving long distance and also have a lot to take care of, you should consider taking the services of Aspire Moving and Storage

Strategise your packing.

It is suggested that you should begin your packing with rooms and items that are not used daily basis. Valuables like seasonal clothing, gardening and decoration materials can be packed first.

 De-Clutter the Space

De-cluttering is one advice everyone should follow. Donating or putting the unwanted things on resale portals is one of the best ways to de-clutter. Alternatively you can also ask your friends, relatives or workers if they would like to have the things that you don’t need anymore.

Room Wise Packing

Pack one room at a time, is one of the best moving, relocation tips to remember and adhere by.

This will not only keep you organised but later it would be convenient for the loaders to load the boxes accordingly.

This tip is often ignored but is very essential for a hassle free move.

Weight Check

We can’t emphasise enough that how it is important to keep a check on every box that you are packing.

It is suggested that the weight of each box should not exceed 30 pounds, or else you may get a back injury or your boxes may not be able to resist the weight. 

Smart Packing 

This tip keeps in your box weight in check too. When packing, play it smart by boxing the lighter items like clothes in large boxes and place all the heavy goods is small boxes. It is sure to save you from a great deal of pain.

No Empty Gaps Boxes

For safety of goods while transit, it is a must to leave no empty gaps in a packing box. Use of packing papers, air filled bags, old newspapers, rags or socks and scarves can help fill these gaps.

Label Everything

Nobody likes clutter and chaos, and that is what it is going to be if you do not label.

All contents or their categories must be carefully listed on the box with the help of a marker. Don’t forget to label the sides of the packing box and not just on the top as usually the boxes are stacked vertically. Using coloured pens or tapes or distinctive identification marks for the boxes of different rooms will surely make your locating and unpacking process a lot easier.

Heavy Goods go at the bottom.

An important factor to consider while packing the boxes is to pack them with heavier items at the bottom. It is crucial that heavier boxes are placed under the lighter boxes ensuring there is no breaking or crushing of valuables during the transit. 

Open First Box

Devote some time while you think about what goes in your “Open First” box, items that you may need immediately after reaching your destination. It may consist of essentials like soap, towel, tissues, other toiletries and also plates, bowls, spoons, knife, scissors or toys for the kids.

Secure the Valuables

Take special care and attention to anything that is breakable and electronics like a computer, on the day of your move. If you are using hired services like Aspire Moving and Storage, we ensure all your valuables are appropriately packed and special care is take of any fragile items.